Kabbalah Australia Study Groups.
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Team Australia


Team Kabbalah is a unified international group of Kabbalah Centre leaders, students, and volunteers. Each team member has his or her own unique ability to help and to share on a more committed level, thereby touching the lives of as many as possible. We pave the way for more student involvement in, contribution to, and ownership of all Kabbalah Centre projects and events, both local and international. We are an important link between the Centre teachers and chevre and the other students and volunteers. Becoming a part of Team Kabbalah means renewing our personal commitment to living the wisdom of Kabbalah everyday.  


1. We are dedicated to do what we can to end pain and suffering.
2. We strive to practice unconditional love in our lives.
3. We are committed to always treating others with human dignity.
4. We pursue continual growth and transformation.
5. We strive to put others before ourselves.
6. We endeavor to live with modesty, humility, and lack of ego.
7. We go the extra mile in everything we do.
8. We are open to every person, without judgment, at all times.
9. We know there can be no coercion in spirituality; therefore, we simply offer the wisdom and tools of Kabbalah to those who seek to learn.
10. We take responsibility for our actions.
11. We constantly work to become better at what we do.

Many Thanks to all of our valued Australian student volunteers for your consistancy and commitment to sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah with Australia.

If you have questions or want to know how to become involved in Team Australia, please email teamaustralia@kabbalahaustralia.com