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The Australian Zohar Project

The Australian Zohar Project had its conception in Chicago, September 2006. One set of Zohar was purchased by Australian students who attended Rosh Hashanah, with the certainty that it would be the beginning of something huge for Australia, and so the mission began.
That particular set of Zohar was accepted in Silverwater Prison Library in February 2007. Since that first placement Australian students have continued to support the project and in March 2008 The Australian Zohar Project received its first shipment of 100 sets of 23 volume Zohar, which right now are being placed in prisons, hospitals and government offices throughout the country.

The Worldwide Zohar Project


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If you would like to be involved in supporting this project please contact us at info.kabbalahaustralia.com or to make a financial contribution please contact Yehuda Goldfiner