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Spirituality For Kids


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"When children throughout the world understand that all human beings - including themselves - contain a spark of goodness, there will be no room for prejudice or for war, guns and drugs. When children understand that what they put forth eventually comes back to them, they will learn to offer others, no matter their differences, love instead of hatred, acceptance instead of fear, and this planet will become what it was intended to be: a place of peace, tolerance, and human dignity."

Karen Berg SFK Founder


Every child deserves to develop into a strong, clear, happy human being, who is in control of their destiny, on the path to achieving their full potential, living a bright extraordinary life defined by tolerance and human dignity.

This is the purpose of the Spirituality for Kids Foundation.


Can you imagine what life would have been like if you were given the tools of Kabbalah as a child?

 Imagine avoiding the chaos, suffering and bad habits before they became rooted in your being. Imagine what life would have been like if you understood the law of cause and effect. Imagine having learned to be a creator rather than a reactor.

Thanks to Spirituality for Kids, Australian children of every ethnic, religious, social and economic background will soon have the opportunity to learn the tools of SFK.

SFK in Australia is underway. The work has begun and volunteers are currently setting the foundations to establish SFK as a registered Australian charity and are progressing towards the launch of the Australian SFK pilot program.


Right now, thousands of Australian children are living amongst risk and uncertainty instead of safety and stability - young lives are trying to grow in the midst of the very real challenges of everyday life. From communities in conflict in the Northern Territory to communities that are just around the corner in your town, many young Australian lives are in danger of never reaching a full potential.
Spirituality For Kids Australia Mission Statement
SFK is a resiliency building curriculum which enables children to become confident, caring and active citizens. Our definition of 'spirituality' includes universal values - such as tolerance, respect, and foreseeing the consequences of our actions. SFK is a non-religious programme, suitable for children of all cultures and backgrounds.
While many organisations deal with the 'effects' of poverty, crime, underachievement and discrimination, SFK tackles the underlying causes; such as lack of confidence, lack of direction, disconnection from the community, and negative belief systems. The intention of SFK is to transform negative belief systems, enabling children to realise their true potential.

We believe the need to incorporate the global opportunities that SFK offers, into current established educational structures within Australia is paramount to forming and guaruanteeing a positive future for all Australian children - regardless of ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds.

By learning the power behind their own proactive behaviours, and how tolerance, human dignity, and respect for every person affects their own lives in a positive way, Australian children will also be ensured the best opportunity to reach their potential.

With SFK, a better future for Australian kids can begin today - by showing one child they have a voice and a choice, the promise of the world beyond what they know is revealed and the potential of what is possible becomes crystal clear.
The Urgency
We encourage you urgently to aid all Australian children by becoming involved in establishing this powerful life changing program in our country. Our aim and purpose is to bring awareness to all necessary government departments of the availability of this opportunity, and to establish SFK Australia as a registered charity to be eligable to receive tax-deductable donations to support the programs. Private and Corporate sponsorship of SFK Australia is welcomed.
Volunteering and Donations
SFK in Australia is underway. The work has begun and we are currently setting the foundations to establish SFK as a registered charity in Australia and are working towards creating a pilot SFK scheme. To become involved in this landmark for Australian children please contact us at

What is Spirituality for Kids (SFK)?
SFK is an international organization with life-transforming programs that are suitable for children, aged six and older, from all ethnic, religious, economic, social, and geographic backgrounds.

SFK teaches children spiritual wisdom and practical tools so they can meet life's challenges with confidence and success. This provides a sense of certainty that no matter how hard things may seem, they can control their destinies by making responsible choices that involve thinking of others and putting in effort.

SFK Vision
From its inception, the Spirituality for Kids (SFK) Foundation has been a source of universal spiritual tools for all children of the world aged six and up, regardless of race, class, religion, culture, or other differences. SFK's experiential programming teaches children two things:
  • How to take control of their lives by making wise choices, and
  • The benefits of connecting to themselves, their community, and the world.

By improving the lives of children globally, SFK has as its end goal the elimination of pain, suffering, and hopelessness in the world. Currently, SFK is taught in Israel-Middle East, London-UK, New York-USA, Los Angeles-USA, Miami-USA, Mexico City-Mexico, Panama City-Panama and Malawi-Africa - and now SFK is coming to Australia.

SFK Mission
The new direction of SFK is to build Community Alliance Centers that will create "communities of change," in which businesses, child-service agencies, faith-based organizations, and schools in each region reinforce what is being learned in the classroom and provide more opportunities for children to give back to the world around them.
The centers will train educators so they can bring SFK to the schools and agencies in their own locations. In turn, these schools and agencies will help develop and deliver a wide array of educational multimedia products that build global networks, thus reaching more children everywhere. Above all, children will learn through experience the benefits of the personal and social responsibility that is at the core of SFK.
What is Spirituality?
SFK is not a religious program, nor is it tied to any religion. By spirituality, we mean:

  • A looking inward to fulfill our potential to achieve happiness, love, joy - all the things we really want out of life, and
  • A looking outward to foster positive connections with other individuals and with the greater community, allowing us to experience the meaning and happiness that come from sharing with others.

Instead of inspiring children to adopt positive behavior by trying to motivate them with ethics and morals, true spirituality teaches children to understand and recognize the linkage between cause and effect.

Does SFK work together with other children's organizations?
SFK often works in partnership with other children's organizations. Among our partners are:

  • United Way (USA)
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Los Angeles
  • Police Athletic League (New York)
  • Rikers Island Prison (New York)
  • YMCA (Florida)
  • Centro Mater West, Centro Mater East, Sagrada Familia (Catholic charities in Florida)
  • Friends of Real Madrid (Panama)
  • State schools and community centers in the United Kingdom
  • Muslim Scouts of Shfar'Am, Golomb School (Israel)
  • Home of Hope Orphanage (Malawi).

SFK is in line with the US Government PSHE requirements, as well as the 'Every Child Matters' and 'Respect' initiatives. As such SFK is currently being taught in US primary and secondary state schools. SFK is proven to support a childs academic learning. Research by the Rand Corporation on the effectiveness of the SFK curriculum will be published in April 2008.
SFK programs have long term benefits for individuals and communities, and helps prevent issues of great cost to society.
What is Spirituality for Kids Global?
The SFK Global Program consists of three consecutive courses, each lasting 8-10 weeks, that promote:

  • Tolerance, human dignity, and respect
  • An understanding of cause and effect
  • Proactive behaviour

Care has been taken to ensure that the content, tone, and delivery of SFK programs are inclusive and non-denominational. Thousands of children around the world participate in the SFK Global Program each year. SFK provides the Global Program for free to underprivileged children and their families worldwide. We rely on the generosity of foundations, trusts, and individuals to make SFK available to children who could not otherwise participate. We ask host facilities to share the program costs whenever possible.

Founded by Karen Berg in Los Angeles in 2001, Spirituality for Kids is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. It acts as an umbrella an organization that provides funding, research, development, support, implementation, and management for current SFK programs, including the Spirituality for Kids Outreach Program, Spirituality for Teens, SFK Global Relief, Kids Creating Peace, SFK International Summer Camp, the SFK Online Community, the SFK Donation-Based Program, and SFK Teacher Training.

SFK has succeeded in reaching kids all over the globe with locations through out the United States, as well as London, Mexico, Panama, and Israel. SFK annually brings children together for its SFK International Summer Camp and we are working to make it even greater and more powerful in coming years.

Are you a community leader, a teacher, a school or agency administrator, or a business person looking to give back to your community? Join us for the adventure of a lifetime: giving the children of your community a better shot at a life of fulfillment and happiness.

To become involved in this educational landmark for Australian children please register your interest to join our SFK volunteers.

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